Coronavirus and Our Health

March not only has brought in day light savings time and St. Patrick's Day but also has made us clearly aware how a pandemic such as Coronavirus can put a halt on our daily lives. We here at Blinged Lifestyle are encouraging everyone to make smart decisions regarding following all state and federal guidelines that are imposed. It's important that we all put health and family first during this crucial times and to make smart decisions regarding everything. It is our true desire that this passes quickly so that we can all feel a sense of being normal in our daily activities. 


Here at Blinged Lifestyle are also taking all proper precautions when shipping orders to still provide you with quality merchandise as well as making sure that we are following all protocols. We are taking extra measures to clean and sanitize work and shipping stations and protecting the products that you are purchasing. We thank you for your continued support and we are truly praying for our world. 

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