New Year Means New Adventures

We are 16 ENTIRE days into a new year and a new decade and man oh man what excitement lies ahead. Not only is this a new year, and a new decade but also 2020 is A LEAP YEAR. Why is that so exciting you might ask? Well let me tell you why. It gives you one more full day to execute and put into action any goal that you had PLANNED OUT this year. Whether that means being more budget conscious, getting into a more consistent wellness program or looking to increase your income for the year.

Speaking of an increase in income......have you thought about how amazing it would be to be your own boss in 2020? What's interesting is this very month ALL NEW CONSULTANTS that sign up with Paparazzi Accessories will receive even more jewelry in all starter kits. What does that mean? That means that's even more exciting ways to increase your new business as a consultant. I'm telling you, this is the year of change and growth. If you are interested in joining a team where you can experience growth on a personal level as well as an increased income then join the Blinged Lifestyle team. CLICK HERE for more information regarding how to become a consultant. You can feel free to also contact me at . 


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