The Meaning of August

There is so much going on and so much more that will be going on. It's August and we are so much closer to the end of the year. School has started, school is about to start, and we are still dealing with a very serious pandemic. How in the world can we even think about being in a normal place when things are not normal? We can't. What do you do now? You work around it and do things a little different. How you think should be different. How you move should be different. Create a sense of being positive even when things look bleak. 

It's okay to not have all of the answers. It's okay to try a figure out a routine that works well for you to keep your thoughts on the right road. It's okay to join support groups because you're working from home and now teaching your children from home as well due to this new way of living. Just take a deep breath and know that you can do it. 

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