The Summer Is Here

We are in full swing into Summer 2020, and it is more epic than ever and not necessarily in the best of ways. We have truly endured so much over the past couple of months and things seem to not let up either. It is exhausting, draining and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Police brutality is at the forefront of news, protests, a presidential race, COVID-19 is spiking again and it all seems so unfair. 

How do we get through these tough times? First lets talk about self care. Find some time to take care of yourself all of the way around. This is so important. That means turning off the tv and even putting down the phone to pull yourself away from all of the negativity that seems to be plaguing the air. Our mental space can only take so much and it's ok to say enough is enough at that moment. Secondly, find a routine to exert your energy into. Whether it's a brisk walk at the same time every day, going outside to tend to your garden, an exercise routine or creating a new dish for dinner; something to beak up the day and to take your mind away even for a moment on all that is bothering you. Lastly, don't loose yourself in all that is going on. You are still you and you are still amazing and these crazy times do not define who you are, but, will show you how strong you are to get through all of this. 

We will always have trials and tribulations within our lives that we will have to deal with and to conquer, but know that it's only for a season and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel to show how victorious you are. 

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